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   Price List  2019_


Half Pig ( min weight 28Kg)   £150.00      


Quarter pig (min weight 14Kg)   £80.00    


Pigs will be jointed to your instructions and if you require sausages made from your pig it will cost £2.00 perKg                                                                    

We butcher the whole pig so if there are any more unusual cuts you require please contact us


 Dry Cured Bacon      £10.00 per Kg

 Pork Leg                   £6.00 per Kg  

 Pork shoulder           £5.90 per Kg  

 Pork Chops              £6.50 per Kg  

 Pork Fillet                 £9.50 per Kg

 Pork loin                   £8.00 per Kg  

 Pork Mince               £6.00 per Kg

 Diced Pork                £6.00 per Kg

 Hock                         £3.50 per Kg  

 Belly Pork                 £5.70 per Kg

 Sausage Meat          £8.00 per kg  

 Spare Ribs               £4.00 per Kg

 Pigs liver                   £2.50 per Kg  

 Pigs Heart                 £0.50 each

 Trotters                     £0.50 each


If you can not see the joint or cut here you are looking for please ask.


All our  sausages are £8.80 per Kg and as sold 375g packs. £3.30 per pack


Pork pies large £3.75 and small £2.00