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cottage first market pershore


Here are afew photos from our family album we hope you enjoy them.

Lee and her sister Cara at our first

 farmers market in Broad St Pershore


ben + musey

Ben our son with his pet pig Mussey,she is an Oxford Sandy and Black, and was part of our first litter of weaners, but due to her character she soon became our first breeding sow, and has turned out to be a good mother.

IMG_1318 (2)




Couple of our pigs enjoying a summers day and just checking out the fence.


IMG_0152 (2) IMG_0152 (2) IMG_0160 (2)


 Batman , Robin and Cat Woman help out at Solihull Fine Food Market                                                                                                              


 Its not every stall is staffed by super hero's and all for a great charity


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